Sandusky Case Proves Child Sexual Abuse needs prevention, not just punishment


Last week's report by former FBI Director Louis Freeh lambasted top-level administrators at Penn State, as well as football coach Joe Paterno, for not taking action 14 years ago Football player for pedophiles dont discriminate sexual abuse 19 Jul 12 postwhen they learned that a mother had complained to campus police that assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was showering with her 11-year-old son in the football locker room.

Freeh makes the logical conclusion that more than a decade of sexual abuse of young boys would have been prevented if Sandusky had been stopped then. And while his conviction is spurring new laws for prosecuting predators, we still are falling short of addressing the real need: prevention.

Read more about what experts say need to be done in this report from The Baltimore Sun:

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One Response to Sandusky Case Proves Child Sexual Abuse needs prevention, not just punishment

  • Mike Baker says:

    The next Sandusky? Former Oregon Govenor Neil Goldschmidt. The Oregonian newspaper has a large front page article on him raping a 13 yr old. The people of Portland OR will tell you he raped kids as a tavern owner, Mayor of Portland and Govenor. Neil was protected by our police and legislature. In the Pacific NW rape is common and legal. Our City and County police have a long history of rape.crimes. No investigation for police/legislature/business owners etc. So the thugs rape too. Voice Stress Analysis is one of the new generation of lie detectors that are so accurate bad people go to Federal prison. We have the tools for accountability but the legal system is a criminal, legal rape system so rape is legal……….

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