Should Professionals Be Held Accountable for Failing to Report Sexual Abuse?

A recent letter in the Trinidad Express Newspaper drives home the reminder that child sexual abuse is a global issue, not just a local one. Countries around the world are struggling with the issue, and our rising awareness is helping bring attention to just how flawed many of the existing laws are. In many cases, our current legal children running child sexual abuse pedophiles dont discriminate 25 Jul postsystem simply fails to truly protect our children.

The plea in this letter is that professionals – such as teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors and others who interact with children – be held accountable for failing to act on suspicions of child sexual abuse. It is a heartfelt reminder of how prevalent these crimes against children are, whether you're in Toledo or Trinidad. And it is also a reminder of just how important it is for society to step up and provide the legal support that has been so long denied to victims of childhood sexual abuse.

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