After Penn State Scandal, Parents Focus on How to Protect Child Athletes

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune examines one more way the Jerry Sandusky/Penn State sexual abuse scandal has changed our world. Today, parents are realizing that they Student athletes image used in pedophiles dont discriminate Penn State Scandal  post need to be more involved and aware when it comes to who is coaching their child athletes.

Margaret Laude, whose sons play football and baseball, told the paper that she will never “leave my sons at practice like I did prior to the Sandusky thing.” Laude is not the only parent who has changed her way of thinking in the wake of the revelations of ongoing child sexual abuse at Penn State University and the ensuing cover-up. 

The Tribune interviewed a variety of child abuse experts, youth league administrators and coaches and parents regarding their increased awareness following the Sandusky scandal. Collectively, they agree there is no clear-cut solution to anticipating such deviant behavior. But they offer suggestions, such as talking more openly about the possibility of sexual abuse, executing extensive background checks and keeping children out of potentially compromising situations with adults.

To learn more about what the experts had to say, click here for the full story:–20120715_1_sandusky-scandal-second-mile-sexual-abuse

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