Awareness, Recognition are Key in Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

The Daily News in Bogalusa, Louisiana, shared some great steps for protecting children from child sexual abuse. The comments came from a presentation that Jesse Hartley,kids-on-swings-for-child-sexual-abuse-23-Jul-pedophiles-dont-discriminate-post executive director of The Children’s Advocacy Center/Hope House delivered to the local Rotary Club, and she said that child sexual abuse can be prevented if it’s recognized.

She pointed out that 80 percent of child sexual abuse cases occur when one adult and one child are alone together, “so if you eliminate one adult-one child interaction, you’ve prevented 80 percent of abuse cases.”

Her seven steps to protecting our children are:

• Learn the facts, understand the risks

• Minimize opportunity

• Talk about it with the child

• Stay alert

• Make a plan

• Act on suspicions

• Get involved: Use your voice and your vote to make your community a safer place for our children.

It is our responsibility as adults to protect these children make sure they have a safe community, a safe place to grow up and a safe place to live,” she said.

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