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Thank you SO much for supporting the Amazon Book Launch of our eBook,

Pedophiles Don’t Discriminate: How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse

Please register here so we can send you your valuable thank-you gifts.

Thank you Gifts!

Bonus #1

Join our live Q&A Webinar with Author and Expert, Paula Felps


Please register for our upcoming live Webinar with author Paula Felps.

On this Webinar, Paula will present some of the most important

facts around protecting our children from predators

and seeing the signs of sexual abuse.  She will answer your

questions live and share her personal insights.


Bonus #2

David Nance
Personal Safety Expert David Nance will provide us with a video made just for our

Amazon Launch Supporters on protecting your children from physical harm.

David is a nationally acclaimed safety expert and has been featured

on The History Channel, Spike TV, and various other

Self Defense media programming.


Bonus #3

Immediately receive our Sexual Abuse Resource Guide

Sexual Abuse Resource Guide free ebook cover

 We are happy to send our powerful Sexual Abuse Resource Guide to

everyone who so generously supported

our Amazon Launch.  Thank you, and we look

forward to seeing you at our Webinar.

Bonus #4


Allow us to send you a complimentary safety guide

from the New York Police Department.

This guide offer insights on protecting your family

and spotting dangerous perpetrators before they can do any harm.

This is a valuable asset, and we thank the NYPD

for generously sharing this with us.

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