11 Signs That Your Child Is Being Sexually Abused

Physical signs are less common than behavioral signs of sexual abuse, so it’s important that parents watch for both physical and behavioral or emotional changes in their child. child sexual abuse pedophiles dont discriminate post 24 Jul 12Among the physical symptoms of sexual abuse are:

  • Pain while using the bathroom – both when urinating or having bowel movements
  • Symptoms of genital or urinary tract infections. This could include redness, rash, a burning feeling or an offensive odor
  • Signs of physical trauma to the genital or anal area
  • Anxiety-related health issues, such as chronic stomach pain or headaches


Emotional and/or behavioral signs are often the “red flags” that alert a parent to their child’s abuse. Some of those signs are:

  • Anxiety-related issues: New and unexplained phobias; a fear of certain people – or certain places; panic attacks and separation anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances: The sudden onset of recurring nightmares; screaming or sweating during sleep
  • Changes in eating habits: Gagging while eating, a loss of appetite or a sudden tendency to overeat
  • Changes in personality: Withdrawal; aggressive behavior toward friends and family; excessive sadness/depression
  • Regressive behavior: Reverting to age inappropriate behavior, such as talking like a baby or sucking their thumb; bedwetting
  • Sexual behavior: Attempts to engage in sexual play with friends, toys, pets or siblings; use of sexual language; sudden, increased curiosity in sexuality; frequent masturbation
  • Destructive behavior, such as cutting or other forms of self-injury
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